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Enjoy the relaxing, beautifying and purifying benefits of La Butte’s sauna.

The traditional Scandinavian sauna is now an integral part of any Spa experience. Refreshing and relaxing, its beneficial effect on overall well-being is recognised.

A Scandinavian touch

Made of Nordic Pine, our sauna has benches on several levels and a stove to heat volcanic stones. A bucket of water is used to moisten the atmosphere. Unlike the steam room the sauna provides a very dry heat (between 3 and 20% moisture depending on whether one is on a higher bench or lower where it is cooler) and this heat is more intense (between 80 and 100 ° C).

From hot to cold

The Nordic shower, where bathers pull on a chain to empty a bucket of invigoratingly cold water over themselves, stimulates the body between sessions in the hammam and sauna